Sea Tel TVRO

What is a TVRO?

TVRO stands for 'TeleVision Receive Only'. It performs the same function as a SKY 'mini dish' antenna on the side of a building except for a few main differences:

  • The antenna is gyro-stabilised so that no matter where the vessel is heading, pitching or rolling the dish is always pointing at the correct satellite.
  • The systems are adaptable accepting different LNBs for operation with different TV providers around the world.
  • TVROs are sold in a large range of sizes to suit different vessels and budgets and to provide coverage in more remote areas. Dish sizes range are 0.35m (14") to 3.65m (144") with antenna pricing ranging from $4,500 to over $100,000.

Who is Sea Tel?

Sea Tel, owned by engineering giant Cobham, is a US manuafacture of TVRO (Television-at-Sea) and VSAT (Internet-at-Sea) systems. For more than 30 years, Sea Tel has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of antenna systems and today lead the compeition for robustness and reliability with Sea Tel's innovative designs. Livewire Connections is a main Sea Tel dealer selling, supporting and commissioning Sea Tel TVRO systems all around the world.  With a team of fully qualified Sea Tel technicians based in London we can ensure that your Sky subscription is fully support throughout the contract. 

Here are some example Sea Tel antenna systems used today for receiving British SKY Offshore services onboard yachts, ships, cruise-liners and oil rigs are as follows. The external links are to our main company website displaying pricing on systems, spares, user manuals, coverage maps and other technical information.


Image System Description Dish Size External Link
Sea Tel ST24 TVRO ST24 The ST24 is an entry level TVRO system perfect for the smaller vessels. With a 2-axis stabilised 61cm dish antenna inside a  74cm radome the systems is ideal for smaller installations. 24" (61cm)

Further Information


Sea Tel 4004 TVRO 4004

The Sea Tel 4004 is the most popular TVRO system used around the globe today. With a 1m 3-axis stabilised antenna in a 1.27m it performs in all conditions from North Sea fishing vessels to Super Yachts in the south of France

40" (100 cm)
Sea Tel 6004 TVRO 6004

The Sea Tel 6004 is the antenna of choice for larger vessels with enough space to enjoy better reception at the edge of coverage. With a 1.5m 3-axis stabilised antenna in a 2.06m radome the 6004 extends the footprint of British Sky further down the eastern Mediterranean.

50" (150 cm)