TV Distribution

We can offer a wide range of TV Distribution products from simple compact multiswitch to connect multiple decoders to more complex modulators to distribute the TV signal around the vessel. We also work we work closely with a number of global AV integrators so we can provide vessels with a complete solution for satellite communications, IT, AV, CCTV and PBX telephone systems. Offering a unique design to fit your requirements, Livewire Connections is able to incorporate the very latest AV products from Kaleidescape servers to Crestron and Lutron environmental management systems as well as AMX user interfaces allowing you to manage your AV and surroundings either on board or remotely.


Spaun multi-switches are renowned for their quality and reliability, with a huge range of options from the compact range supporting up to 32 outputs to cascade systems supporting hundreds of outputs. The range support both Sat IF and Terrestrial signal inputs to simplify installation for vessel wishing to have a terrestrial antenna.
When sizing TV multi-switches it is important to remember that most decoders with record/pause functions require 2 outputs from the multiswitch per decoder.
Inputs typically are 5 (4 SAT IF + 1 Terr) for a single quad band antenna or 5 (8 SAT IF + 1 Terr) for a two antenna systems looking at different satellites. If you are using Sea Tel's dual antenna arbitrator to eliminate mast blockage based on ship's heading then you only utilise 4 SAT IF inputs.
Our designers are happy to discuss your requirements, and we work with a range of products including IF Matrix systems to provide ultimate flexibility for multiple antennas.
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Spaun SMS 51203 Multiswitch 5 (4 SAT IF + Terr) input, 12 Output Compact Multiswitch
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Spaun SMS 52403 Multiswitch 5 (4 SAT IF + Terr) input, 24 Output Compact Multiswitch
Spaun SMS 91607 Multiswitch 9 (8 SAT IF + Terr) input, 16 Output Compact Multiswitch
Spaun SMS 92407 Multiswitch 9 (8 SAT IF + Terr) input, 24 Output Compact Multiswitch
Spaun SMS 93207 Multiswitch 9 (8 SAT IF + Terr) input, 32 Output Compact Multiswitch