SKY Coverage

British SKY is broadcast on the Astra Satellite located in orbital position 28.2 East. At present there are four separate beams on Astra each containing their own set of channel packages. All the beams are so close together that only one dish and one LNB are required.

Since February 2014 many Free to Air channels, including BBC, ITV, C4 and C5 channels have been moved onto the Astra 2F UK beam which is primarily focused on the UK and Ireland. Please note these are not services provided by SKY and therefore may or may not be available in the same areas as SKY, the coverage map provided simply shows the footprint for these services on standard direct to home antennas.

The below coverage maps show estimated coverage, smaller antennas will work within the inner most fooprints and only the largest (2.4m) will see the satellites near the edges. Please note that actual coverage will vary dependent on weather and other atmospheric conditions.

Astra 2E Europe Astra 2F Europe
Astra 2G Europe Astra 2E/2F UK Spot Beam